1. Using what we’re designed to use and the cognitive dissonance
  2. The cross-over point and what the new science is showing
  3. Using what we’re designed to use and the cognitive dissonance
  4. In ins of the OFM Pyramid and the importance of each step


The Science & The How To for Optimizing Fat Adaptation for Improved Performance and Health

Peter Defty, Bachelor of Science, University of California, Davis; Biology/Plant Science/Viticulture

Peter Defty is GM for VESPA & Lead developer of VESPA’s OFM Program (Optimized Fat Metabolism) and works with Mostly ultra-endurance sports with particular focus in Ultra-marathon running, but also with Ironman Triathletes, Ultra Mountain Bike Racing, Adventure Racing, Professional Road Cycling.

Peter has successfully coached several elite ultra-runners and AG Triathletes,principally in the area of diet/fueling/hydration including

Zach Bitter: World Record Holder 12 Hour, American 100 Mile, 200K Holder, 2014 USATF 100K Champion (All of these were accomplished within 5 months)

Jon Olsen: 2013 24 hour World Champion

Nikki Kimball: Overall Female Winner; 2014 Marathon des Sables, RunRabbitRun 100 Mile, Silver State, 50 Mile, Bridger Ridge Run.

Jari Kirkland: 24 Hour Female MTB World Record Holder, Female Champion: 2014 Grand Traverse SkiMo, 2014 US Ski Mountaineering Female Team Champion, 2014 24 Hours of Old Pueblo Solo Female Champion, 2014 Vapor Trail 125 Mile MTB Female Champion & CR

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